Woodthorpe Village

Woodthorpe is located in North Derbyshire, England. The village is within easy reach of the market town of Chesterfield famous for the Crooked Spire and conveniently placed just off the A619 between Staveley and Barlborough M1 Junction 30.Surrounding areas of interest and note are Bolsover Castle, Poolsbrook County Park, Chesterfield, The Dukeries, Sherwood Forest and the Peak District.



Time: 17.00 (5PM)

Place: The Albert Inn Pub

Date: Monday 16th July

Please note that representatives from the three Companies, DCC and Markham Vale will be in attendance.

All Welcome

Housing Campaign Woodthorpe 2015 Planning Application

For information on the planning application please go to the Housing Campaign, Information Page.

July 2017

Full Unedited Statement sent to the Derbyshire Times The Woodthorpe Village Community Group (WCVG) formed in 2011 when initial proposals for the Eastern Villages were published in the SHLAA and later the Draft Local Plan, were announced. Since that time WCVG has had several meetings with Chatsworth Settlement Trustees (CST) and Chesterfield Borough Council (CBC).

The WVCG is not against progress or development. It recognises the pressure that CBC is under to fulfil the housing targets set by Government and that there are many Brown field sites locally and some are large areas, which, if developed properly, could transform and regenerate the whole area in the true sense.

CST is one of the area’s largest landowners and is well equipped to promote and contribute towards the regeneration needs in this area.

The WVCG has had a number of conversations with CST representatives and while we respect that they have a business to run, we believe that they need to demonstrate their social conscience by being better than just a typical house builder.

All the WVCG ask from the Council is that any development is delivered in the BEST location to provide the maximum benefit for the area as a whole and not simply because it can be built quickly on a Green field site.

To date both WVCG and the Mastin Moor Community have strenuously objected against plans to the mass development of green field sites that have been proposed in this area, and have represented the villages of Woodthorpe and Mastin Moor at the Planning Inspectorate Hearings held during the last Local Plan Consultation.

CBC has recently embarked on a NEW Draft Local Plan which is currently in consultation. The WVCG have commented on this, hopefully, the public servants will serve the public.