The WVCG urge everyone to print off the letter found here and sign/ address at the bottom with your details and post asap into Chesterfield Council.

You can find an Objections Discussion Document here.

A Map of the proposed development here.

A Template for an objection Letter in pdf format here and in word format here.

You can find an online e-petition here.

Cranleigh Road Planning Objection (2nd draft)


Acroyd & Abbot Homes have submitted a planning application for approximately 75 houses to be developed on the field west of Cranleigh Road in Woodthorpe. Planning application reference number CHE/14/00872/OUT

We would urge as many residents as possible to comment on this application to Chesterfield Borough Council (CBC). Look on the CBC website at planning applications and type in the reference number above. You can view all the documents submitted including site plans, reports, food risks etc to help you make an informed decision. The plans are also available to view in office hours at the Customer Service Centre, 85 New Square, Chesterfield S40 1SN.

The WVCG is not against progress or development but it has to be RIGHT for the area and will therefore be making its own submission based on the following reasons:

  1. It proposes development that will undermine the Local Plan and pose a direct threat not only to the delivery of Core Strategy ambitions for Woodthorpe and Mastin Moor but for the Borough as a whole by setting powerfully negative precedents.
  2. It proposes development that according to national planning policy is unsustainable because it will bring unmitigated social, economic and environmental harm to our community, our village and the wider Borough.
  3. It proposes unsustainable development without including any offer of compensation to the community of Woodthorpe for the social, economic and environmental harm that the development will undeniably cause and this omission in turn exposes the Council to those liabilities.
  4. It is not a sound means to deliver housing whilst the Local Plan is incomplete because reasonable doubts about its attractiveness to customers persist and cannot be dispelled.
  5. It proposes development that inverts common sense, common decency and the Council’s intention to welcome new households to the Borough. It does this by proposing development that will entice unwary families having no prospect whatsoever of compensation from HS2 Ltd to make their homes within the most severe HS2 impact zone that exists anywhere within the Borough east of the Doe Lea River.
  6. It proposes development that will frustrate and undermine HS2 Ltd.’s stated intention to optimise its mitigation of the visual and audible impacts of HS2. It does this by proposing hard structures instead of soft planting between existing homes and the preferred route of HS2. By doing so it unnecessarily increases the general tax-payers’ liability to make compensation payments to the victims of HS2 via HS2 Ltd.
  7. It proposes development that will frustrate the positive dialogue that still continues after three years between Councillors, Officers, the Planning Inspectorate and the communities of Woodthorpe and Mastin Moor about the best future for these communities and their villages.
  8. It is an invalid application lacking necessary supporting information.

Whether you agree or disagree, please send your comments to CBC, it’s your Town and they represent YOU!

The closing date for a response is 28th January 2015, and please remember to quote the REFERENCE NO: CHE/14/00872/OUT

You can write in to :

Case officer – Sarah Scott
Forward Planning Team
Chesterfield Borough Council
Town Hall
S40 1LP