Housing Campaign

The WVCG was formed last year as a direct result of an “idea” presented to our local Council by Chatsworth Estates to develop the green fields in and around Woodthorpe with 800 houses.

The Government is currently changing the basic guidelines surrounding the planning process in order encourage building and regeneration. It has made the Boroughs of the UK establish how many houses it deems necessary to supply the community with homes. The WVCG is not against regeneration but questions the use of the land surrounding Woodthorpe as the best option for this area, when there are many “brown” field sites available like the old Staveley Works site.

The process was under way but thankfully in a few short months , the WVCG was able to form, gather evidence with the help of the whole Village and submit a case against the use of the sites.

The different stages of this application are both complex and slow! We have our foot in the door but have a long way to go.

The WVCG have held a number of meetings with local Councillors and Chesterfield Borough Council to try and argue the best case for the area.

We need your help to show support at the local council meetings and Forum groups. Just having a presence at the local meetings will show that WVCG is not just a couple of people but a whole Community.

Please check out our website for the latest information.

Full Council meeting 14th Dec