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  • Susan Woolsey says:

    Everything seems to have gone quiet with regards to the building on the fields. Would somebody be able to give an update soon?

    Kind regards


    • Clair Bingham says:

      Hi Susan,

      Thank you for your question.

      We hope to have a newsletter uploaded soon with a condensed update of recent events. The process surrounding the housing campaign is one of a series of stages and to be honest we are working behind the scenes preparing for the next stage which will be towards the end of February. The majority of the WVCG is made up of people who have full time jobs and families and so it is not always easy in getting the information out to the village as quickly as we would like, I appreciate that this can be frustrating though!

      If you are able to make the meetings at the Albert the next one will be Wednesday 15th February 2012 at 7.30pm. If you have any questions then there will be the “usual suspects” available to answer them.
      Many thanks again for your interest and support.


  • Mr and Mrs Lord says:

    Is there any further news about the proposed building on the fields? It is good of your group to be working for the village to try to stop it. Having seen different articles in newspapers and on television about the new planning rules it seems as if the building work will go ahead no matter what the residents think!

  • anon says:

    Not everyone in the village is against progress. I think that it could be good for the area. No plans or details are known yet.
    You never know the development may bring some amenities that may enhance the area!

  • Clair Bingham says:


    Thanks for your comments and my apologies for not responding earlier.

    As I have indicated before, we are in the middle of a lengthy and complicated process with many angles which make it difficult to sum up on a notice board what is happening.

    The WVCG is not against progress or regeneration, we all live in the area afterall! However, unless we are actively involved with that progress it could be a negative and not positive.

    Please feel free to attend any of the group meetings which are held in the Albert for a more detailed response.

    Best Regards


  • Dave says:

    I think that building could help this area. Lets focus on what the details are rather than be nimbys and scaremongering.
    The latest newsletter suggests 2000 house may be built around the village!!!!
    The actual strategic plan mentions 7,200 for the whole of Chesterfield Borough over the next 20 years. They won’t build 2000 round woodthorpe.
    We live in a relatively poor area and thankfully in the middle of the countryside. There is plenty of green space and development will bring jobs, money and amenities to the area.
    I say bring in the builders and get started.
    Embrace progress and

  • Roger Davenport says:

    I’ve read Dave – I’ve seen the draft proposals for developments all around Woodthorpe.

    I’m also aware of the prospect of open casting for coal which would have to be carried out before any housing development (and this includes prospects for open casting North of the A619 as well as South).

    The areas earmarked untimately for housing around Woodthorpe provide for well over 1,000 houses. Staveley Town Council have suggested 1,000+. Not all of this would happen at once but in stages.

    The proposals I have seen would provide for no jobs (housing estates don’t employ people) except some transitory building jobs which would not be kept local as we know it but regional to the whole of North East Derbyshire. Many local people shop outside of Chesterfield Borough – not just Meadowhall and Alfreton but Bolsover, Clowne and Worksop so Chesterfield would hardly benefit. Further incoming families buying the houses would bring dependants who would compete with Mastin Moor and Woodthorpe for the few jobs that are available pushing up the unemployment rate for the current residents.

    As for countryside – once Woodthorpe has been surrounded by new houses we won’t have any left except at car-driving distance.

    Woodhorpe will not be England’s green an pleasant land but satanic urban sprawl if everything goes ahead as the Borough Planners have indicated.


  • Dave says:

    To reply to Roger –
    1) The Derbyshire Times states less than 400 houses around Woodthorpe over 20 years – not even 20% of the scaremongering 2000 figure!
    2) There is no published open casting proposal – where is that documentated provide evidence
    3) Housing estates contain people who need services and pay local taxes this increases economic activity and leads to jobs
    4) The loss of the countryside is really to ridiculous to answer – look around

  • Roger Davenport says:

    Hi Dave,

    I am pleased to reply.

    1. I have seen Chesterfield’s proposals and have studied various documents over the last 2 years. This amounts to well over 1,000 pages of detail, not a short summary in the Derbyshire Times. The areas allocated under the current plan ultimately for housing to the East of Woodthorpe, to the South of Woodthorpe, and between Woodthorpe and Mastin Moor extending from Norbriggs to the East of the Bolsover Road allow for far, far more than 400 houses in the current plan. Add to this a proposal for a wind farm to the South East of Woodthorpe and a future possible development on the Seymour site of several hundred houses and you have a potential for actually more than 2,000 houses.

    2. Coal extraction – the documentation is in the consultations from the previous consultations and the evidence being submitted to the Government Inspector in January; it comes curtesy of several including British Coal who point out that sterile deposits cannot be left underground (and you cannot excavate when the houses have been built) so that any available coal has to be got out before the houses can be built. Plus the changing climate of planning permission for coal extraction means that a renewed application for opencasting North of the A619 would most likely be successfull also. The likely hood of this happening has also been discussed at Staveley Town Council Meetings.

    3. Housing estates contain people. They do need services and, reference to Chesterfield Borough Reports and the Woodthorpe Survey suggest that most of this spending power will go outside of Chesterfield Borough. The point is that any economic activity would benefit over-the-border areas rather than benefit Mastin Moor, Woodthorpe or Chesterfield.

    Meanwhilst dependants will come into the area competing for those few job vacancies that we have – the effect would be to increase unemployment rates in Mastin Moor and Woodthorpe – helping surrounding areas at the expense of local areas. True some community tax would be paid to Chesterfield centrally but this would still happen if housing were to be sited more appropriately in Chesterfield – areas which would economically benefit the Borough. You should note that the mental health unit at Mastin Moor generated jobs and purchasing power for our neighbouring authorities with very little benefit for Mastin Moor.

    4. Countryside – your comment is meaningless. Housing between Woodthorpe and Lowgates; Housing South of Woodthorpe Village; Housing between Woodthorpe and Mastin Moor stretching East of the Bolsover Road – proposed sites for wind farms – this is what the council has approved in the Core Strategy and this is going to the Government Inspector. You start looking around Woodthorpe. This is almost full circle. Your argument here has no substance and countryside locally will be irrevocably lost.

    Dave, I only know your Christian name and don’t even know if you live in Woodthorpe. If you do live in Woodthorpe you are welcome to attend the W V C G meetings where you will learn much more. If you don’t live in Woodthorpe please state your interest in what is happening locally to those residents of Woodthorpe who have a right to be very concerned at what is being formulated for the village.


  • Dave says:

    I’ll have a little sportsman’s bet with you.
    Over the next 20 years there will be no opencasting around Woodthorpe
    The housing development will enhance the area. Staveley will become a township of Chesterfield and services and amenities will improve. There will continue to be alot of countryside to enjoy There will still be NIMBYS and people who don’t like change.

  • Roger Davenport says:

    Hello Dave,

    You have not told me who you are, if you are local to Woodthorpe, or what your interest is.

    I have never bet in my life and do not intend to start now. Also we are making representations to try to prevent the worst consequences of the Chesterfield Borough Core Strategy.

    Of course you are entitled to your opinion, and a few people do like to live in an environment full of housing (and industry South of Woodthorpe) with no countryside except at car-driving distance, An argument that there is countryside miles away is facecious – countryside leisure facilities need to be available locally as this is beneficial to the health of local people. The vast weight of evidence – mostly published by Chesterfield Borough Council – is against you. Where there are threats to the environment – potential or actual – representations are appropriate to ensure good outcomes for the area. These representations are being made.

    I discount completely your comments about NIMBYS and people who do not like change – such comments by you simply indicate that you cannot challenge what I am telling you (and which I could back up with documentation), and indicate that your are struggling with your arguments.

    If you still think that you do have a valid point come to a W V G C meeting and debate it there. This web site is not designed for the type of discussion that we are now having. You should come and meet us face to face rather than make what are effectively anonymous comments on a web site.

  • dave says:

    I have enjoyed the banter but writing a reply on Xmas day really?
    Calm down enjoy progress. Chesterfield and with it Woodthorpe is going to improve and I’m afraid you have little hope in stopping it.
    As for me I live in the Staveley area and when the houses are built I will be interested. Obviously I will try to fit into your community and not cause any bother.

  • anon says:

    Dave, if you like Staveley so much then propose to build on the fields behind morrisons which is nearer to Chesterfield, and leave the people who enjoy the peace and quiet of Woodthorpe alone. Why should the people who live there for this very reason change? You say we have little hope of change, this sounds like a threat? We have community spirit and if you have never experienced that its a shame.

  • Martin Mansell says:

    Hi Roger/Dave this will be an ongoing debate I am sure. Can I please ask you both not use this blog as a personal debate on this issue, everyone is entitled to the option which you have both expressed very well.

    Thanks Martin Mansell Web site Admin.

  • Ian says:

    Hi, Firstly can I just say how impressed I am by this web site. Huge congratulations to the guys who run it – very professional. Now..we are thinking of buying a property in Woodthorpe (I’ve always liked the village), but I’m a little concerned about the housing proposals. I’ve searched this site and the Council’s Local Plan but can’t find any specifics as to where the actual housing may be planned other than ‘to the East, or to the South’ – does anyone have any actual details or have they not actually been published yet? – Any help gratefully received, thanks , Ian

  • Roger Davenport says:

    Housing Proposals:-

    The Borough Planners have identified the following possible sites
    SBRES 73 Land at Miller Avenue Mastin Moor 12 dwellings
    SBRES 75 Land South of Woodthorpe Road 14 dwellings
    SBRES 76 St. John’s Farm Woodthorpe 10 dwellings
    SBRES 77 Land West of Cranleigh Road 86 dwellings
    SBRES 78 Land South of Worksop Road (i.e. between Mastin Moor and Woodthorpe but adjoining the Worksop Road 360 houses
    SBRES 79 Land East of Bolsover Road 396 houses

    This has not been voted on by the CBC yet. There is a council meeting 24 July to approve the Core Strategy Policy for house building; the above are in the sites and boundaries paper which should be dealt with after the core strategy has been approved or amended. Site SBRES 77 to the West of Woodthorpe was taken out of agricultural use but had been put back into crop with a local farmer.

    You need to look at the maps – the Sites and Boundaries paper can be found on the CBC website or come to the Albert Inn when the committee meets (every other Thursday , next 18th. July) as full explanations would outstrip the available space on this website.


  • mark stones says:


    Looking on the blog I find it very interesting.
    We have just put an offer in on a property in Woodthorpe, is this as nice a place to live as it is to visit.

    we welcome feedback

  • Roger Davenport says:

    Hi Mark,
    The villagers are friendly and there is a good atmosphere at the Albert Inn. Pleased that you liked the village. You would be welcome.

    CBC have approved the core strategy and the document is on the CBC website; This lays out the strategy but does not say exactly where any houses may be built. The government inspector wanted Woodthorpe safeguarding: CBC will publish their sites and boundaries paper October and there will be a consultation exercise later in 2013.

    Committee members meet at the Albert and you would be welcome if you want more information.

    Roger Davenport

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