Norbriggs Field

Diagram showing the outline of the Norbriggs Field Area

Edged Plan Norbriggs Field

Commons and Greens Application:

Woodthorpe Village is applying for Commons and Greens status for the playing field at the back of Norbriggs Schools at the bottom of Norbriggs Rd. We need as much support for this as possible and ask that you download the attached form and fill it in sand send back to Sarah Mettam  (sarahmettam{at}  please.”

Norbriggs Field (“The Bottom Field”)

Do you use Norbriggs Field?

Do you know if Norbriggs Field is used by others?

If so please complete the questionnaire (download it by clicking here) and support the application for it to become a Village Green, thus protecting it from development.

Use of the field for any purpose counts – even just walking across it to get to school/access other fields.

Please return the form by email or to Sarah at 7 Cranleigh Road, Woodthorpe.

Many thanks

The full “Statement in Support of Application for Village Green Status for Norbriggs Field” can be read by clicking here.

8 Responses to Norbriggs Field

  • Mr and Mrs D Watts says:

    We have lived here since 1964 and for most of that time that area has been known as the playing field.
    In the 1970s horse shows were occasionally held there, and families have always used it for
    ball games. At present on Saturdays football training takes place most weeks, many people use it as a walking space either to go fishing at the pond at Netherthorpe, walk their dogs,and going to school.
    This green space has many times been flooded,but we need this to remain as it is no houses please…..

    • Sarah says:

      Many thanks for your reply. This information is a very helpful contribution to our application and I will attach it to the documentation submitted.

  • Mr and Mrs Lord says:

    We have always used the playing field since having our children, and before that taking nieces there to play. When our children were young we used to go with their grandparents to play football and walk to the end of the field. We now sometimes walk our dog on the field and go through to the bottom of the Bridle Road this way – lots of other people also do this and some of the Netherthorpe children go this way to school. We know that there is a group of children who do football training on a Saturday morning, and feel that the field could be used for village activities a lot more, as it used to be. There were horse shows on it during the 1970s, and we think Woodthorpe school used to use it for sports activites as it didn’t have its own school field until the mid 1970s? (not too sure how long ago!). It was originally given to the village for the use of the children and had a sign at the entrance which read ‘Staveley Urban District Council Norbriggs Playing Field’. It seems unfair that it can now easily be taken away from the village and its children in this way!

  • Sarah says:

    Thank you for this detailed information which will be added to the application. It is extremely helpful. If you happen to have any photographs of the field in use please let me know. Many thanks again.

  • Sylvia Mason says:

    Hiya There Sarah,

    We in Amber Valley have put in for a couple of Village Greens, and yesterday we received a “cut off” date to collect and send in the evidence questionnaires, even though one was only applied for last week! We are just curious as to wether your application has received this unfair (in our eyes) cut off date of the 22nd August, would appreciate it if you would contact us and let us know

    Many thanks on behalf of Amber Valley SOS

  • Vaughan Montgomery says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I lived at Woodthorpe from 1982 to 1992 then off/on from 1995-2000 & went to Woodthorpe primary school before going to Netherthorpe. My parents still live in the village along with my 14yr old nephew, I visit them regularly & when the weather is nice, I usually walk from Staveley to Woodthorpe via the bridle path at Netherthorpe & cut through the Nature reserve & old stone quarry (I usually take my camera as I have an interest in nature photography) + I enjoy the peace & quiet there as it brings back memories from my childhood when we used to camp out on the bottom field & in the quarry, so I still use the field myself on a weekly basis (weather permitting)

    I regularly see people using the field, either taking their dogs for a walk or kids playing football & so on. It would be a real shame if that field were to be used for housing. I think too many houses in the village is going to ruin the place, Woodthorpe has a lot of history behind it & it should be kept as is.



  • Linda Kinsey says:

    I am a comparative newcomer to the village and have heard that this playing field is under threat of development. How sad! My family uses the playing field for playing ball games on as my garden (like many around me) is neither suitable nor big enough. This field gives them a safe place to play away from traffic and people’s property that they could potentially damage. I often see other people using this field for walking, meeting friends, exercising dogs and sports. I have heard that local residents are hoping to host village events on this land and refer to it as The Village Green. Events like this are vital to promote community spirit, and I would like to see it used in this way and have it maintain its current recreational use .

  • Ele Thorneycroft says:

    Hello, does anyone have any information about the propsed Cranleigh rd development? ive seen the posters at Norbriggs

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